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STOPS AS OF 1-12-2022

Dear {{FULL_NAME}},

We will stop the savings program in its current form on 1 December 2022. Unfortunately, we too often experience technical problems with the tool, we sometimes experience problems with crediting points, the program does not work in our app and we encounter limitations in the tool.

In the past year, we regularly held discounts for regular customers and gave the opportunity to earn gifts with orders.

The benefits of these discount promotions or the presents are higher for the customer than the financial benefits of the savings program. We therefore choose now to continue with regular great discount promotions or gifts with your order.

The current savings program will end on December 1, 2022. This means that you can still save points up to and including 30 November, but you will no longer save points for your order from 1 December.

You can then redeem your points until March 1. After that your points will expire.

It may very well be that we continue with a different tool in 2023 to save for discounts or gifts instead of regular discount campaigns. You can find that automatically on our website.

If you are not yet a newsletter subscriber, we recommend that you register, so that you are always aware of our promotions.

You can register here.


Consciously Pure

From August 19, 2020 new at Bewust Puur!

We reward your loyalty and always give you back! Automatically save points with every payment.
Every time you make a purchase with us, you automatically save points. These points are worth money. You can redeem them for a subsequent purchase for a discount or even for free items. In addition, as a friend of Bewust Puur you benefit from all kinds of privileges, benefits and firsts.

How can I save for a discount?
It is very easy to save for a discount.

To save points you need an account with Bewust Puur. When you place an order you log in to this account and the points are automatically credited to your account.

Create an account and you automatically save points with every order.

If you already have an account, you are automatically a member of the savings program. Make sure you log into your account every time you place an order so that the points can be credited automatically.

How does the savings program work?
€ 1 = 1 POINT
Earn 1 point for every € 1 spent (excluding shipping). Earn 100 points and receive a € 3 discount to spend.

Other ways to earn points

When you create an account or log in for the first time, you will receive your first 10 points for free.
Enter your birthday and you will receive 5 points for free and a nice surprise on your birthday.

What can I save for?
In addition to discounts, you can also save for free products. You can view all current savings promotions via your account:
My account -> Dashboard -> Rewards

How do I redeem my points?

Redeem for discount

When ordering, you can see in the shopping cart what discount can be returned. Press the down arrow on rewards. You can only redeem 1 reward at a time.

You cannot use a discount code along with redeeming points.

Redeem for a free product

We regularly offer nice products that you can order for free, if you have saved enough points. You can see this in your shopping cart under rewards. All available products will then be displayed.
NOTE: The product must be in the shopping cart before the discount can be applied.

Minimum order amount to redeem discount code:
There is no minimum spending amount to redeem your reward.

How many points do I have?
Go to: My account -> Dashboard -> Rewards

I forgot to hand in my points when ordering
We cannot settle the points afterwards.

I forgot to log in to my account when ordering
Unfortunately, we cannot add points to your account afterwards.

Savings Program Conditions

By using this savings program you indicate that you agree with these rules.

  • You will receive 1 point for every euro spent on orders placed after August 19 2020 (excluding shipping costs) on all purchases at Bewust Puur.
  • Canceled and unpaid orders are not eligible for loyalty points.
  • The points awarded will be deducted when returning items.
  • Bewust Puur. can decide to award you extra points in the context of promotions. To receive these points, you must make at least 1 purchase during the promotional period.
  • Legally obtained points can only be spent at Bewust Puur. Points cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • For returned items that have been paid for with points, only points will be returned.
  • Saved points are valid for two years.
  • Redeeming points cannot be combined with using another discount code.
  • Reward points are not transferable.
  • We cannot settle points afterwards.
  • We cannot add points to your account afterwards.
  • If abuse is suspected, Bewust Puur is entitled to make changes to the (personal) savings point system and / or the number of savings points.
  • Bewust Puur has the power to unilaterally change these rules, points and the rating of the points.
  • This savings program can be discontinued by Bewust Puur for reasons of its own.