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Only products that we support 100 percent ourselves!

Our complete range fits our important core values:

  • Better for people and the environment
  • Sustainable choice
  • Easy to recycle
  • With natural ingredients
  • Of organic origin

Since 2017, the webshop has become an important name in the field of natural, organic and sustainable (care) products. Our focus on sustainable, organic and natural products distinguishes us from many other providers. We help our customers to make more conscious choices and to inspire as many people as possible in terms of the environment, sustainability, the planet and animals for inner and outer well-being.

We have a preference for products that are made with care for the body, the world and other people. That is why we have decided Consciously Pure! to establish; a web store with purely "good" products.

Sustainable, reusable, organic, ecological and natural products

In just 2 years, we have greatly expanded and enriched the online offering with numerous sustainable, reusable, organic, ecological and natural products. We are not there yet, but ultimately want to become the largest online department store for these better choices.

We want to be a store where you can shop without having to look on the back of the package to see what has been processed or how it has been made. We know that everything we offer is as pure as possible. Our goal is to offer people alternatives so that they can make a more conscious choice in their purchases.

With Bewust Puur! we want to inspire people to make more conscious choices with regard to overall well-being; environment, sustainability, planet, animals, and for both inner and outer well-being.

We want to show that more conscious choices are not dusty, but hip and cool and making more conscious choices accessible to every budget.

We want to offer products that we believe deserve a place in the range. That can be in sustainability, composition and / or production method. In doing so, we first look at the quality, but also at the price. We want to strive to have the latest and better quality products in our range for every budget.

We sell award winning brands that have earned their spurs abroad and won multiple awards. Brands such as Natura Siberica, Mad Hippie, Green People, faith in Nature are unprecedentedly popular in their own country and have been awarded countless awards.