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Kia Charlotta

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Kia Charlotta

Kia Charlotta

Since going vegan in 2014 the founder Kia has found it difficult to find good quality natural and 100% vegan make-up with affordable prices. The natural beauty market seemed to always be divided into two categories: expensive but good quality or cheap but varied quality. On top of that you can still to this day almost forget about finding 100% vegan make-up brands in your nearest make-up store. For us it was clear what was missing in the market and we knew we weren’t the only ones who thought this, and this is why we started Kia-Charlotta with the following mission:

Kia Charlotta mission

Our mission is to create premium quality 100% vegan natural make-up that is easily available for everybody with affordable prices. 


To be your go to 100% vegan & natural make-up brand and to make vegan beauty a norm!


100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free
With a founder who lives a vegan lifestyle for the animals, we guarantee you that our products will always be 100% vegan and of course, cruelty free.

The Perfect Balance
We are committed to creating the perfect balance between quality, safe/natural ingredients and affordable prices. No compromises.

We are committed to creating products with sustainability as a high priority. We do our best with the resources we have to create the most sustainable beauty products we can. 

Authenticity & Transparency
We have nothing to hide and we tell you how it is. We disclose our ingredients on our website for you to see and we talk openly about (natural) beauty on our blog posts and social media. We believe in the power of trust which we believe is created through authenticity and transparency.