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Happy Tabs

At Happy Tabs we stand for three things. Sublime oral care, less waste and we are happy to give back to the world.

Every year, billions of tubes end up in garbage piles and in our oceans. On top of that, regular toothpastes today are filled with unnecessary harsh chemicals, microplastics, fillers, artificial flavors, dyes and chemical sweeteners.

Happy Tabs toothpaste tablets are free from harsh chemicals, SLS and other chemical sweeteners. They are also plastic free and refillable.

We want everyone to make even more sustainable choices when it comes to oral care and the reduction of plastic. We believe that beautiful things can be achieved with small steps. As a collective we can make a big step forward!

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By purchasing Happy Tabs you support our #Youbrushwedonate program. 5% of our profit is donated to The Ocean Cleanup and The Healthy Teeth Foundation. Two Dutch foundations committed to environmental and social problems.