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We have designed our products to be clean and safe. By applying a precautionary principle, we took off any potentially dangerous and useless substances for human and environment. Our products are guaranteed free of petrochemical, preservatives, artificial coloring, and more. But we guarantee our product to be made of natural ingredients such as wheat or beetroot alcohol, essentials oils, absolutes, resinoides, only natural ingredients.

Our Ingredients

100BON perfumes have nothing to hide: 100% natural ingredients, essential oils, organic wheat alcohol ... Find their compositions here with explanations to better assist you in your search for naturalness.

Alcohol Denat: Natural alcohol from denatured beet (so that the perfume is not consumed)

Perfume / Fragrance: The secret recipe, the work of perfumers

Limonene: Hydrocarbon (organic compound consisting of hydrogen and carbon atoms) which is found in the essences of citrus fruits (lemon, bergamot, etc.).

Linalool: Alcohol present in the HE of many plants.

Benzyl Salicylate: Colorless compound with a light, sweet odor often described as a "musky" odor.

Hexyl Cinnamal: Natural additive found in the HE of chamomile.

Coumarin: Natural substance with an aromatic odor, present in several plants including the Tonka bean for example.

Citral: Element present in lemongrass oil which is used as an aromatic component in perfumery.

Citronellol: Substance obtained by distillation of citronella and geranium essences.

Geraniol: Alcohol produced from different plants including geranium. Often used for its flowery odor evoking that of the rose.

Benzyl Alcohol: It’s a solvent

Farnesol: Farnesol is a natural component of various essential oils used in cosmetics for their olfactory properties

ECO Designed

We work every day to find better alternatives to traditional materials. Here is a little sneak peek of what we use and why :

  • Plastic: as little as possible and it is recyclable when we have no other choice (pumps), 100% recycled (bottles), or, in some other cases, we use organic vegetal plastic made of sugar cane (bottles). This material is unfortunately still essential in the perfume industry for congestion, weight and cost reasons. We make sure to use only recycled, recyclable or natural products.
  • Glass: non biodegradable, but infinitly recyclable. It is our main material at 100BON, as our bottle can be refilled. Nevertheless, this material is sometimes being too heavy or too pricey and can not be used for some product range.
  • Packaging: indispensable to be sold in the majority of the outlets, they are simplified to the maximum : no hold and a biodegradable paper case.
  • Cellophane (plastic): prohibited at 100BON (which was a little an obligation for some security reasons. So, we decided to use an organic cellophane made out of potato.